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blue-and-orange.net is a web development blog (well, mainly...).

Blue and Orange (the name may seem rather random; 2 of my favourite colours) is an online blog mostly covering the topics related to web programming, server configuration, databases and pretty much anything in between. Although you can see some topics on PHP, this website is mainly about .NET platform - to be more specific C#, Xamarin and Umbraco content management system. I've been working with .NET plartfrom (C#) and Umbraco for over 6 years now. I am a big fan of .NET in general - development tools, framework and code sturucture (I'm a little bit pedantic when it comes to coding, which I think is a good thing).

I've started blue-and-orange.net project in 2007. Intially this blog was build on Wordpress, then rebuilt to run on Drupal and it finally settled down with Umbraco. Umbraco is an aaaaamazing CMS, true platform for growth, so you'll soon see some new sections including podcasts! 

blue-and-orange.net currently runs on Umbraco v 4.7.1 with a few bespoke elements that I added to make it more interactive and web 2.0-looking such as ajax-powered contact form in top navigation, ajax articles calendar, google api integration for galleries and videos page and a few extras. If you'd like to find out a bit more how this blog is structured, check out "How blue-and-orange.net takes full advantage of Umbraco".

Author = Paul Mieczkowski


Time for a few words about myself. My name is Paul Mieczkowski. I'm 27. Since nearly 8 years I've been working in web programming. Programing has been my passion since early teenage years. I lead a life of a "digital nomad" - wikipedia has a pretty much 100% accurate description of my lifestyle: Wikipedia - Digital Nomad. Travelling and tech is 2 best things in my life and I believe they mix together really well. Don't forget to check out my travel map! 

I run my own consulting company - "Blue And Orange Technology" in the UK and provide services in following (not limited to) technologies:

- ASP.NET MVC v.3+, Web APIs
- Umbraco CMS v.4+
- Multiplatform system architecure inc. DI, unit testing, APIs, Azure
- Xamarin (iOS & Android apps)
- Javascript inc. jQuery, knockout.js etc.
- Twitter Bootstrap
- Sitecore CMS v.6 (limited experience)

If there is anything tech wise that I can help you with, please do not hesitate to contact me on [email protected]. I generally work remotely with onsite presence whenever it's required. 

Click here for my online projects portfolio and CV.

I love automation. I love packages. I work hard and clever in order to avoid doing the same type of work twice. I love reusability, improvement and progress! 


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Due to lack of time, I am not always able to up to date with what other people post on my blog. This includes posts and comments. If you notice anything unrelevant / unappropiate, please report it using contact form.

Your help will be much appreciated!

I hope you will find this blog useful! I'm obviously open to any suggestions/improvements from you.